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Dedicated Server
  INLINE Internet Online Dienste GmbH, the company behind GoWEB, was founded in 1996 as an offspring of the university of Karlsruhe in Germany. Since this time INLINE was not only working as a hosting provider but also consulting top European hosting companies. With this combined experience, INLINE started the new GoWEB Server line in mid 2011. The design goals were the following:
* Allow the client to have complete control of the server without intervention from our support team.
* No bullshit policy: No bandwidth shaping, no long term commitment, newest and reliable high performance technology, excellent network infrastructure and connectivity, no services that are not needed by the client. . Real technology for the enthusiast
* Energy efficiency
* fully automated service
We are happy to achieved all those goals. If you have the feeling that something is missing, please drop us a note.

Good to know

  With its own office and technical staff in the data center, GOWeb can handle every issue within a shorter time frame than many of its competitors.
GOWeb operates its own cabinets, runs its own routing and uses its own hardware - no reselling - buy directly.
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